from the past...

All attractions designed by Piet de Koninck have one thing in common: storytelling. From the moment visitors enters the attraction, until the moment they leave it, they are submerged in a narrative. The design and staging of the attraction play an important role in this. Over the past years, Piet de Koninck has specialised in telling a tale. Whether it’s a park, an attraction, a shop or a signpost, every element contributes to a unique visitor experience. 


King Concept is a guarantee of authenticity. Unique to this is the fact that the innovative design is immediately linked to the practical delivery without creativity suffering as a consequence. Piet de Koninck’s ideas and designs have repeatedly proven their strength through their implementation, which fits in seamlessly with the design, both in the domain of construction, public streams and feasibility. The concept of ‘realism’ is a common theme in the creative designs.


With a huge passion for amusement parks and a broad range of expertise, King Concept is the creative key to the door of every park.