Top-Notch Themed Experience Designs with a Realistic Production Value.  If we have to describe the service we are launching, that’s exactly it!

Piet De Koninck is the principal designer since many years at Belgium’s finest Theme Park. He will create an experience themed design you have never seen before… 

Wouter Verhulst has transformed and managed the production side of that same Park for many years… where they met. He will make sure there’s a sanity check and has thought about the production aspects of the design...

2 Men, a perfect combination, a huge package of experience, with the eagerness to work on your new… 'King Concept'.

Looking back in time… biography of Piet & Wouter.

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Piet studied graphic design at the Sint-Lucas College in Ghent. His first job was at a company in Wavre, where he mainly worked on attractions for the nearby amusement park, Walibi Belgium. This is where he created his first big 3D advertising projects. His next sketches included work for Efteling and Meli in De Panne. Then he joined the newly established Studio 100 for which he designed the main attractions of Plopsaland De Panne; the TV sets for the Samson and Gert Christmas shows; the Piet Piraat specials and the many Studio 100 films and musicals. He also designed Plopsa Indoor Hasselt and Plopsa Indoor Coevorden as well as contributing to the development of Plopsa Coo and drawing some new attractions for Holiday Park.

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Wouter began his career in the entertainment sector together with the start of Studio 100. As a technical director, he was at the cradle of the very first Samson & Gert Christmas show. He contributed by giving the growth impulse that the company experienced ever since. In 2003 he moved to Plopsa, the amusement park of Studio 100. As Managing Director of New Developments, Wouter took care of the production of new attractions and zones, the development of the first indoor amusement parks in Hasselt and Coevorden and joined the drawing board for Plopsa Coo and the change-over of Holiday Park.

When 2 men with serious mileage on their working hours counters unite, there is a vast back catalogue of experience and projects from the past to talk about. We have chosen not to do that in this chapter... instead we'll be giving you one of our most recent King Concepts in this Spotlight Corner.  

This is  the very first project we want to officially present, to show you what we are capable of doing… 

This is the Ferris Wheel waterslide by Wiegand.Maelzer, presented in a completely new and branded theme. Piet has taken the production base and turned it into a themed attraction. Not just any design that might end up being unrealistic… but one that Wouter has crosschecked and evaluated for actual production reality. 

In a nutshell… that’s what we do...  

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from the past...


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